Looking Out for Mum and Dad – Where Aging Parents and IP Camera Technology Meet

Technology has infiltrated our lives and around video surveillance technology there is much debate over finding the balance between an individual’s right to privacy and that same individuals need to keep an eye on people and things they care about.

As the world has changed and peoples live take them far away from home and their families there is growing need for IP camera technology and for IP camera online network management systems.

As with nanny cams there is much discussion about whether or not it is ethical to install IP cameras to look after aging parents or keep an eye on their caretakers in order to prevent elder abuse.

We here at Jabbakam think about these issues too.

Though technology can and has surely been used to abuse and cause harm it has also done a great deal of good and has many positive applications.

As with any tool, technology can be used for good or evil and it is up to a society or a community to negotiate the line between these two extremes. It is only in communities that we can start to address the question of maximizing the benefits of technologies like Jabbakam and minimizing the potential abuses.

Surely the benefit of being able to see from a world away if the people who you’ve paid to care for your aging parents are in fact doing that outweighs the potential abuses of the technology. Or does it?  There is ample room for debate.  How can we keep this technology from being perverted or corrupted?