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There is no better way for you to take charge of your home car office surveillance other than by installing a camera.These gadgets have made it easy for people to monitor movements in their premises and monitor the security systems.



The two most popular cameras are Dashboard and IP cameras. Dashboard cameras are ideal for vehicles and the IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras are excellent for homes and office. The latter transmit files via network, which means that you can monitor what is happening in your home or office at all times. Irrespective of your location.

Here at Jabbakam, we understand the importance of both IP cameras and DashCams. It’s why we have in stock the best IP and Dashboard cameras in the market. We do take the time to analyze IP and dash cameras in the market and only give you the best of the best.

Why Shop with Us?


High Image Quality is Guaranteed

When we are picking the best cameras for you, we pay keen attention to quality. We don’t just add any camera we find on the market. We only choose those that boast of high image quality. Also, we only pick cameras that have a high megapixel camera. This ensures that the image produced will be crystal clear.


Ease of Use

Using an IP camera or a Dashcam shouldn’t be computer science. It is why we sell cameras that are easy to use. To also make your usage easier, our cameras are accompanied with a manual to help you know how to set it up or install it.


Our Cameras Ensure 100% Customer Safety

Here at Jabbakan, we highly consider the safety of our customers. Our cameras won’t only upgrade your surveillance but will also ensure total security. With the IP camera, you can monitor what is happening in your home or office. And with a Dashcam, it will cover both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

We have The Best IP and Dash Cameras in The Market

At Jabbakam, you can be assured of only getting the best IP and Dash cameras in the market. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. And this is why we go the extra mile to only provide you with the best cameras in the market.

We are A Reliable Vendor of IP and Dash Cameras

Unlike our competitors we have in a stock a wide variety of both IP and Dash cameras. You can rely on us for all your surveillance needs. Moreover our sales officials will also provide you with valuable tips on how to choose the best camera.

Improve Your Security Today!

Have you finally decided to upgrade your surveillance system? Then make sure you check out our IP and Dash cameras. They produce quality images and go for an affordable price. Take your security to the next level by installing Jabbakam’s IP and Dashboard cameras.