Frequently Asked Questions

Many people these days have questions regarding what IP cameras or dash cam sites are. It is natural to have questions about this new technology. Here at, we get a lot of questions about what we do. And the fact is, we love answering them! The following is a list of some of our more frequently asked questions (FAQs).

FAQ 1: What is Jabbakam?

 Jabbakam is based in a cloud online. It offers online video surveillance. It also can be used as a security system due to the nature of the technology. Because the camera is Internet Protocol (IP), you can use it even when you are not connected to the Internet with your computer.

 People can actually network IP cameras together. Here they can share their video footage online with others, or privately one to one. Your camera can be managed online on an around the clock basis. You can upload your data anytime to your computer or your smartphone, or you can view it in real time.

FAQ 2: Where can Jabbakam Users use our Cameras?

 Jabbakam users utilize our camera and service for a variety of reasons such as the following:

-Home surveillance

-Neighborhood watch

-Wildlife monitoring


-Monitoring art spaces

-Keep an eye on children

-For geographical research

-Dash camera for cars


-Monitoring weather conditions

-Recording public or private events

FAQ 3: How Exactly does Jabbakam Work?

 This technology is revolutionary in video surveillance technology. It’s not like webcams that must be connected to a computer to monitor something or someone. It is also different from video cameras or digital cameras. The IP camera is a new state of the art system.

 You don’t even need to have a camera to employ Jabbakam. People can sign up for free if they want to use the public camera system. Here you will have a limited access to advantages of Jabbakam service provision. You just access the camera via the Internet. However, a camera and a subscription to Jabbakam is necessary to take advantage of the more precise features that the technology has to offer. The system is compatible with most Y-Cams and Axis Cameras. You start by simply plugging the Jabbakam Camera into the router. However, you should note that you can only use the camera indoors. For outdoor surveillance, the Y-Cam Bullet is recommended.

FAQ 4: Jabbakam Camera Network

 One of the most powerful features of Jabbakam is that it allows users to create networks of cameras. All of your footage is first uploaded to your inbox. From here, you are able to edit the footage. Then you can share it with others. The user friendly system makes this process easy to accomplish.

 Each camera will require its own service bundle. However, once you have that, you are free to share each camera’s footage with the network. You can even save the clips by downloading them to your computer. You are also able to e-mail them to yourself.

Jabbakam is exciting and we look forward to sharing it with you. If you have any further questions, make sure that you let us know so that we can answer them.