When Bad Inventions Go Good

Have you tried those new Dyson urinals? They’re rubbish aren’t they? Without being too graphic, the drainage system leaves a lot to be desired. The floor becomes very wet. And what’s that blast of hot air all about? That’s the last thing that’ll help when you’re trying to relieve yourself in peace.

Dyson Air? Ha! If you ask me, James Dyson is over rated.

Mind you, I found another use for these wall mounted bathroom machines. They’re brilliant at drying your hands! You’d have thought, if he was such a business hot shot, he’d have spotted this opportunity.

Still, it’s often like that with technology. It’s invented for one purpose, but proves to be unexpectedly useful elsewhere. Take CCTV. As an instrument of oppression, it’s OK-ish. Nothing great, but OK for taxing motorists and catching the master criminals who try to put their recycling in the wrong bin.

But, if you tweak it a bit, and put the power of surveillance in the hands of the community, it’s actually incredibly empowering.

That’s the logic behind community monitored TV. When all the power of an entire network is trusted to one fat sweaty sociopath who wasn’t clever enough to get into the police, that’s not democracy at its best. In fact, that’s more akin to an ugly dictatorship.

It’s OK having cameras in The Gents, for example. But only certain people should be able to access those cameras. Not just for the privacy of the users, but to save the blushes of the camerawomen. Take it from me, you really don’t want to see the mess those Dyson machines make